December 8, 2016

Workout of the Day

Teams of two complete:
1 mile run (200 meter intervals, only one partner working at a time)
100 Calorie Bike (10 Calorie intervals)
1 Mile Run (200 meter intervals, only one partner working at a time)

Group Core: (trainer led)
3 sets
:30 hollow hold
12 abmat sit-ups
:30 arch hold
Rest :30

2 sets:
1:00 Dragon stretch
1:00 low dragon stretch

Member Spotlight – Moselle “Kitty” Bagby

Where to I start with this one?! First, Kitty is unlike any 16-year-old I’ve ever met. She is self-assured, sharp-tongued and understands concepts and references from much older generations. She’s also a hard-worker. Now that she can drive on her own, she comes into the gym to work on skills while also juggling dual-enrollment school, a job at her family’s cafe as well as teaching dance and gymnastics. Just one year into CrossFit and she’s repping out muscle-ups in a workout, she seems to PR her lifts monthly and she is always challenging herself in the daily workouts, never sacrificing technique for speed. 

She’s one of the funniest (and pun-niest) people I know. There is never a moment of silence when she’s around. She makes the most hilarious faces and dances –  she’s totally comfortable in her own skin! 

To know Kitty is to love her. Here’s more…

Occupation: Barista at the Rio Coco Cafe, Gymnastics Coach at Christi’s Fitness, and of course, photo-taker at CrossFit Vero Beach

Family: Michael and Laura Bagby (parents), my siblings Mikaela, Lukas, and Arielle, and our cat Peppi

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout: I would have to say whipping out some lateral burpees over bar would be my favorite. But I love some good pull-ups or anything gymnasty too!

Favorite cheat meal: DONUTS. I LOVE THEM. ALL OF THEM. I AIN’T GOT NO TYPE. But is it actually a cheat if you eat them with no remorse whatsoever? Either way, NO REGRETS.

Hobbies: Photography, sewing, baking, roasting my siblings, etc.

Little known fact about you: Well, when I was 10 I was making and selling

dolls online (I called them “Muglys” because they were ugly but cute dolls) and a corporate company called “UGLYDOLLS” threatened to sue me for selling my dolls, but didn’t press charges because I told them I was 10. That being said I am now pursuing a degree in Business Administration so I can show the big companies who’s boss.


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