December 4, 2017

2 rounds of:
:30 Bike
:20 Squatting quad
5 goblet squat @ 3 second tempo
10 1/4-squat jumps with barbell at power position
+ trainer-led bar path

In a 3 minute window:
15 squat clean to thrusters (aka clusters) RX+ 135/95; Rx 115/75; Master 75/55

Rest 2 minutes

In a 3 minute window:
12 squat clean to thrusters (aka clusters) RX+ 155/105; Rx 135/95; Master


Rest 2 minutes

In a 3 minute window:
9 squat clean to thrusters (aka clusters) RX+ 185/125; Rx 155/105; Master


Rest 2 minutes

In a 3 minute window:
6 squat clean to thrusters (aka clusters) RX+ 205/140; Rx 175/115; Master


Same movements/reps but clusters taken from power position

3 sets of:
5 each arm kettlebell bottoms-up press + 50ft overhead carry
8/6 strict hand stand push up + :30 Handstand hold (6 Dumbbell strict press + :30 hold)
12 band resistance push ups

1 set of:
75 abmat sit ups

New Year Fundamentals Class – Opportunity 

We know that the upfront cost of Fundamentals, although warranted, can be

cost-prohibitive for some people. This is due to the fact that they are done as hour-long personal training sessions.

We want to be able to offer your family and friends the opportunity to get started at the gym in a more accessible way, so we are offering a New Year Group Fundamentals Class. Here’s how it will work:

Liz will lead a group of up to five athletes twice per week, on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30 PM for eight sessions. She will also have an assistant coach. The classes will begin on Monday, January 8 and end Wednesday,

January 31. After that time, all athletes will begin their unlimited memberships on February 1.

As is the case for all new athletes, they will enter into a year-long contract. After the year contract is complete, they go month-to-month.

The cost for the eight Fundamentals sessions is $160. Normally, eight personal sessions would be $480.

Note: We are only doing the classes on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 PM and we are capping the class at 6 people to retain quality. If you have friends or family interested, please have them contact us ASAP to ask questions, set up an appointment with Wendy to tour the gym and/or reserve their spot. If the 6 spots aren’t filled by December 18, we will post

on social media so that the public may take advantage.


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