December 31, 2014


December 31, 2014

How to Be a Good CrossFitter

Tomorrow is a whole new year! While you’re scheming up your resolutions, consider our list of habits that we believe will make you a better CrossFitter.

  1. Show up to class prepared – that means you’ve reviewed the workout and have your mind right about what you are going to be performing and have the proper gear with you (like socks for the rope climb, hand protection for pull-ups, etc.)
  2. Prep your body prior to the workout – arrive early and get your body ready for what it’s about to do (for example: warm-up and stretch hips and ankles if you will be squatting, stretch and prep shoulders and thoracic spine for overhead movements). No one should be simply standing around waiting for the workout to begin – warm up! Also, stretch after the workout, where you can go beyond end-range and make lots of progress with your mobility issues.
  3. Ask questions – we are here to help, so don’t be shy!
  4. Clean-up after the workout – put equipment away, wipe up your sweat and chalk, store mobility tools, etc.
  5. Have a great attitude! Smile, introduce yourself to newbies, don’t compare yourself to others and don’t define yourself by the whiteboard!
  6. Spend extra time working on your weaknesses. This is as simple as adding gymnastics skills like kipping or double-unders into your warm-up or sticking around after the workout a few times per week to fine-tune things like rope climbs, hollow body holds, etc.
  7. Keep a food log. For one, it’s an eye-opening experience to see what you’re actually eating. And secondly, if you get to a point where you are not recovering well or you’ve hit a plateau or your more tired throughout the day, etc. we can review a detailed food journal and be able to give you qualified feedback and not just a guess.

Remember: Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential. – Winston Churchill 

jake pullup
Jake (go crush it at your golf tournament today!) 

Workout of the Day
:00 (heats of 7-8)
For time:
100 calories – Airdyne
25 burpees to a plate
800 m run
25 burpees to a plate
1000 m row
25 burpees to a plate
*35 minute time cap

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.