December 30, 2016

2 sets of 5 goblet squats @ a tempo 3sec down

3sec up
1:00 frog stretch

4 sets of:
5 Back squats @ 75%(2 sec tempo slow down fast up)
5 sandbag squats
100m farmers carry
rest as need 


55 days left until the CrossFit Games Open! 

Who should compete?
Anyone looking to prove his or her fitness. Rx and scaled workouts are offered. It’s a great opportunity to push yourself, work towards a

goal, focus during a season and show how far you’ve come. 

Who are you competing against?
The worldwide leaderboard shows how you stack up against those in the gym, in your age group, in our state and region…but most of all, you are competing against yourself to be the best you can be! 

When will workouts take place?
Open events are announced each Thursday night on the Games website, starting February 23. Saturdays at the gym are “game days” where all classes complete that week’s workout. Everyone has a judge and submits their score online, which we verify. Saturday participation is encouraged, but we also offer Friday nights as an alternate workout time. 

When can I sign up?
Registration begins in mid-January at 

We always create a special tee with all participant’s names on it! 

We are also offering an Open Prep course. See here for more details:


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