December 30, 2011


December 30, 2011


30 Days of Paleo

Coming soon to CFVB: 30-Day Paleo Challenge/Detox 

It's time for a change! Many of you have gotten derailed over the holidays. Some of you are looking for a jump-start to better nutrition. Others want to make 2012 their best year yet. Whatever the reason, it's time to buckle down and make your health your priority. And optimal health is all about your DIET.

I will be leading a 30-day strict paleo challenge with NO CHEATS. That means no grains, no sugar, no dairy, no legumes, no processed food and no alcohol for 30 day. (You know, the way you SHOULD be eating.) No cheats means no cheats. I don't care whose birthday, anniversary, reunion or wedding it is. You've slacked off long enough. Quit making excuses.

Although weight loss isn't necessarily our main focus for this challenge, you will lose body fat if that's your goal. And those of you who are already thin and eat whatever you want - you aren't doing yourself any favors. We welcome you to give this a shot. It will positively affect your mood, health and performance.

We aren't picking winners this time…if you stick to the plan, you end up a winner anyway. However, we are here for you every step of the way – advice, feedback, ideas, review of food logs, etc. Nothing makes us happier than to see our CrossFitters change their lives and we will support you any way we can.

Here are the details:

Kick-off meeting/Paleo explanation: Thursday, January 12 at 5:30 PM (at CFVB)
30 days starts: Monday, January 16
30 days ends: Tuesday, February 14
Cost to participate: $20
Open to members only!

Please sign up at the gym by January 9, so I have enough materials to hand-out at the meeting.

Think you can't make much progress in 30 days? Think again…


Workout of the Day:

Three rounds for time –
7 squat clean to thrusters 155/105
50 double unders
15 toes-to-bar

– rest –

3 x 10 strict pull-ups

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