December 29, 2015


December 29, 2015

Member Spotlight

Rick Baker is closing out the Member Spotlight feature for 2015. Many of you know him because he’s your doctor. And, now that you have the privilege of seeing him at the gym, you realize he’s not the serious physician you thought he was! For one, he loves to dance. He is partial to hip-hop (his favorite Pandora station at the gym is “Booty Wurk, One Cheek at a Time”). He’s funny, constantly throwing out one-liners and puns. He laughs at himself. He’s interesting and adventurous. Like most girls, he loves all things pumpkin spice. He’s an enthusiastic father and loving husband.

We are always happy when we see him walk through the door. We love him for his work ethic, lack of ego and positive demeanor. That’s our Ricky B!

Here’s more on Dr. Baker…

Occupation: Physician at Primary Care of the Treasure Coast for the past 15 years.
Family: My awesome and lovely wife Dr. Nancy Baker, our kids Thomas and Meagan
Favorite CrossFit movement or workout: AMRAP interval training and the wall ball.
Favorite cheat meal: Craft beer, pizza, and truffle fries.
Hobbies: Time with family and running.  Travel, recently to Ireland and Tokyo. Heading to Hawaii in January.
Little known fact about you: I love to cook.
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Workout of the Day
For time:
1000 m run
20 burpees to a target
60 calories – air bike
25 burpees to a target
1000m row
30 burpees to a target
1000 m ski erg

For time:
500 m run
10 burpees to a target
30 calories – air bike
15 burpees to a target
500m row
20 burpees to a target
500 m ski erg

*Compare to 12/15/15 when we did this workout in the opposite order

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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