December 26, 2017

2 Rounds
5 Step up + 5 Box jump
:30 Row
5 Step over + 5 Box jump over
:30 ski

For time:
40 Box jumps 24″/20″
1000 Meter row
40 Box jump over 24″/20″
1000 Meter ski
15 minute time cap
Heats of 7; 10 minutes stagger start

For time:
20 Step-ups
800 Meter row
20 Step overs
800 Meter ski

5 sets of:
10 Abmat sit-ups
:20 Hollow hold
:20 Plank
:20 Left plank
:20 Right plank
:20 Rest

1 set of:
2:00 each side, couch stretch
2:00 each side, pigeon stretch
2:00 frog stretch

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