December 18, 2014


December 18, 2014

Columbus Weightlifting Seminar at CrossFit Vero Beach

On Saturday, February 7, we will be hosting an all-day Olympic Weightlifting Seminar  by Columbus Weightlifting.

This seminar is for both beginners and more advanced athletes and will break down the snatch, clean and jerk.

Mark Cannella, head coach and President of Columbus Weightlifting, will lead the seminar. Mark has been Director of USA Nationals, USA Olympic Trials, multiple Pam-AM and World qualifiers. He has coached national champions, international lifters, and an Olympian. Mark also has in-depth knowledge of the demands of CrossFit, so his seminar will address proficiency at the lifts as it relates to functional fitness.

The seminar will run from 9 AM to 5 PM. Cost is $199, which is a great value for this level of coaching (ask for it for Christmas!).

Mark will bring other lifter(s)/coach(es) and registration will be capped to ensure that everyone gets personal attention.

Register now before it sells out or we open to other gyms. Follow the link below and make sure to sign up for the SATURDAY (athlete) session. 


Workout of the Day
For time:
60 double-unders
40 wall balls 20/14
40 double-unders
30 wall balls 20/14
20 double-unders
20 wall balls 20/14

– rest exactly 5 minutes 

800 m run (as fast as possible)

Skill/goal work

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.