December 16, 2016

Shoulder opener – do this prior to the barbell warm-up/incorporate in your warm-up
2 sets of:
10 PVC prone lift-offs
10 foam roll wall slides

5 sets of:
1 push press + 3 push jerks + 1 split jerk

2 sets of:
200m sand bag carry
150m sled sprint 140/90

2 sets of:
30 ab mat sit ups
10 ab wheel roll-outs


Jay is the man! And this month, he celebrates 5 years at our gym. 

Hard-working and smart – CHECK! 
Moves really well – CHECK! 
Strong – CHECK!
Fun attitude and personality – CHECK! 

Jay participates in the Open, he threw down during the Wodapalooza qualifier and he recently trained for a half Ironman…all while balancing a technical job, lots of friends and a big family. 

Here’s more on Jay…

Occupation: Physician Assistant, Orthopedic surgery.
Family: Michelle, wife. Mia(12), daughter. Ava(10), daughter. Hunter(8), son
Favorite Crossfit movement or workout: prefer any heavy weightlifting and gymnastic workouts.
Favorite cheat meal: Wings, fries, beer, and cookies & cream milkshake.
Hobbies: Crossfit, boating, camping, relaxing at the beach surfing with kids, fishing, anything sports related.
Little known fact about you: I was born and raised in the Florida Keys. I once survived an attack by a wild bottlenose dolphin.


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