December 16, 2011


December 16, 2011

Save the Date

On February 18, Joe will be leading a Kinesiotaping seminar. Here are the details…

Course Title: Kinesiotaping techniques specific for improvement of the performance and recovery of the crossfit athlete.

Topics will include the following:
(1)Basic Kinesiotaping techniques.
(2)Faciltatory techniques that help recruit large muscle groups of the torso, upper extremities and lower extremities.
(3)Inhibitory techniques useful for expediting healing and recovery of muscles, ligaments, tendons, sprains, strains and reduction and elimination of pain symptoms.
(4)Joint stabilization taping techniques that improve proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness and control during practice and competition.

Each attendee is required to bring the following:
(a) digital camera or a camera phone. *Handouts will not be available for this course. Course attendees will be provided with resources regarding basic and advanced kinesiotaping methods.
(b)Course attendees must wear accessible clothing such as compression shorts/pants, sports bra or like for the women.
(c)Each attendee must have his/her own pair of scissors to use during the course.
(d) Lunch will not be provided during this course. Please bring your own food and beverage.
(e) Attendees are also required to bring a notepad/notebook & pen.

*please note that taping techniques will be practiced and applied during this course. the skin should be void of lotions, creams and perfume that could potentially adversely react with the tape.

Who should attend: Crossfit affiliate owners and crossfit coaches. Crossfit athletes.

Course Fee: $50 – this will include a roll of Kinesiotex tape plus course instruction by a certified Kinesiotaping practitioner. *Kinesiotaping certification courses usually last between 2 to 3 days or 21 hours. This course will run approximately 4 hours.

Course Date and Time: Saturday, February 18 from 10 AM to 2 pm.

About the presenter: Joe Justado, RPT, CKTP, Level 1 Certified CF Trainer is an orthopedic manual physical therapist with 20 years experience. He was certified in the Kinesiotaping Method in November of 2006. He is a current Elite Level Kinesiotaping Practitioner through the World Kinesiotaping Association and is authorized to conduct one day instructional courses regarding the Kinesiotaping method.

**If you are interested, please post to comments or email me NOW. I will be opening this up to other affiliate owners, but want to give anyone at CFVB the opportunity first.

A thing of beauty…Photo by Jared

Workout of the Day:

4 Rounds for Time:
8 Power Clean (205/145)
8 Front Squat (205/145)
8 Pistols (alternating)

3 Responses

  1. joePT

    Thanks for posting this, Wendy. I encourage everyone to attend this workshop. I promise not to disappoint. The course fee will include a roll of tape which costs about $15. Whatever money is made from this course can be used towards whatever needed equipment we need at the box, i.e. a cambered squat bar (whatever, really) or maybe pay someone paint a mural of Rob on one of the walls!

  2. Debbie D

    I’m definitely in the Kinesiotaping fan club after my wrist issue. It helped way more than the $600+ brace!
    I would sign up for this (and bug the crap out of Joe by stopping him to video everything) but I’m not sure if I will be here. 🙁 So whoever does video this…send me a copy!