December 12, 2011


December 12, 2011

DNF Apparel

A group of CFVB CrossFitters (me, David, Chris R, Cameron and Jesse) have been working on a new shirt line called DNF Apparel. These shirts are the first to speak to the "average" CrossFitter…

Every day, across all seven continents, mega-elite fire breathing athletes gear up, warm up and chalk up…all in preparation to totally annihilate their gym’s WOD. If you are one of these people, our shirts are not for you.

We make gear for the other 95%. We love our sport as much as the fanatics, we just don't take ourselves so seriously.

Our shirts are for the athlete who hasn’t mastered the muscle-up…or uses three Abmats for his handstand push-up…who pulls up in a band…or steps up on the box…for the athlete who knows what "DNF" feels like.

DNF Apparel celebrates the average, because average in our community is pretty damn extraordinary.

A portion of our proceeds will be donated to Steve's Club, which brings CrossFit to disadvantaged youth.

Please visit and pass along our website – – to your CrossFit friends. We've got two designs ready to order and more coming soon. If any CFVBers order, we have a discount code so you don't pay shipping and can pick up at the gym. To get the code, email [email protected]

You can also "like" us on Facebook –

"WOSCALA" is a spoof on the classic WODKILLA shirt

UPDATE: Rachel got 5th overall in the women's Rx at Clash of the Fittest!

Workout of the Day:

Part 1 – Three rounds of 5 Power Clean + 10 Back Squat
*Perform 5 unbroken power cleans, then immediately do 10 unbroken back squats (from a rack)
Power Clean 185/125; Back Squat 225/155

Part 2 – AMRAP in 10 minutes
10 2-for-1 wall balls 20/14
15 hand-release push-ups
4 10-meter shuttle runs
20 double unders

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  1. joePT

    It’s alive!!! This thing is finally off the ground! Can I be involved in the concept and development?…you guys don’t have to pay me. I just have ideas swirling in my crazy head with $$ signs attached to them.