December 11, 2014


December 11, 2014

December Anniversaries

A new feature on the blog will be CrossFit anniversaries. For those of you we call out each month, think back to where you were (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.) before CrossFit and how far you’ve come.

Three years:
Mike Ott
Sam Gregory
Alyssa Blais
Jay Johnston
Lori Nichols

Two years:
Eric Childs

One Year: 
Jim Brann
Amanda Hallet

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!

group 2 row

Workout of the Day
4 sets, each for time of:
100 m run
10 wall balls 20/14
10 ball slams 40/20
– rest 2:00 between sets
– perform sets at 70-80-90-100%

Gymnastics Skill/Goal Work
Choose between:
Bar muscle-up
Ring muscle-up
Rope climb

Take this opportunity to spend time on your goal with feedback from your coaches!

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

8 Responses

  1. Alyssa

    Wow 3 years! When I started, I had just had my 3rd baby and spent 6 months doing a combination of P90X (don’t judge me- I am sure you tried it too!) and running. Both were boring and not giving me the results I wanted. I was discouraged thinking I would just be one of those people who never lost the baby wight. I only tried Crossfit because Jared kept bugging me to. Seeing how much he loved it and the results he had, I finally did! I was instantly hooked and loved it! It didn’t take long to get back to “pre-baby” weight but that wasn’t all. I had never been this fit, healthy or strong pre-baby! Now I get to workout with and coach others starting where I was and I LOVE IT!!

  2. Eric C

    Oh the days before crossfit of kids every other year and beer every night those were the days, good times. Then my wife introduced me to Rob at the Christmas party and he had me at hello we made such a connection, you knw what I’m talkin bout Rob. So I was totally normal mentally, physically, and emotionally before I started crossfit and then I met Matt and he aided me in becoming mentally deranged and perverted. Then Danny (aka Shawn Michael Michaels) emotionally beat me down at every work out with his smack talk but at least I didn’t have hair like a Barbie Doll! And I was physically battered by overhead squats and lost the little bit of manhood I had left after performing Nancy and Nanda had to turn away and not look at me so she was not distracted by my contorted body (I’m sure Wendy will post a pic now). So overall Crossfit has been great for me and has helped me grow not just as a normal person but a cross dressing workout weirdo too. Miss the crew soo much hugs and kisses.