CrossFit Warning


CrossFit Warning

Workout of the Day:


For time:
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards

12 Responses

  1. Diane Blais

    Hey we have all felt that way some time or the another. Wendy has enough pictures to proof it.
    What a quad and calf burner today. Can’t wait to try that Feb. painstorm. I’ll be looking for some other crazies to do it with me though.
    All of you doing the paleo contest, keep up the good work, the ones I see in the morning are looking amazing!!!

  2. Tara

    In response to yesterdays post, I am feeling great. I feel like I’m finally back on track with my workouts and able to keep up with everyone. My muscles are not as sore and I don’t feel like I want to die after every workout. I didn’t even mind running yesterday, which is very odd for me. I hope today is the same way.
    I have met my goals for January and have been able to stick to the 3 days on and 1 day off routine, even on Sundays.
    Let’s hope that the chubby, food obsessed girl inside me doesn’t come out to play ever again! She definitely took over during football season. 🙂
    P.S. I’m still gonna win this competition. I hope to start stepping it up even more so you guys better watch out…especially you Joey!

  3. kristi

    You are doing awesome Tara! Keep it up girl 🙂 Whether you win the contest or not I am sure you will be happy with your new lifestyle.
    I remember doing Griff back in April of last year which was my first month doing CF. Hope to beat that time by a lot!

  4. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    I missed the 5 am class (was taking my rest day) and was going to skip Griff, but guilt set in and I did the 9:30 am class, because like Tara, I looove to run! Rob thanks for watching our backs on the backward running we had some traffic this morning! There were some great times on the board Sib, you crushed it and Kristi I know you will too!

  5. michelle

    Tara I feel the same way you do, I feel like I am getting stronger and have more energy to get the wod done faster..
    during the day have more spunk too.
    so keep it going and we will see who will win.. should be fun…

  6. Rachel

    Good job everyone in the WOD this morning…good thing Sib and Eliot were there to push me harder than I would have done alone…and just so everyone knows, Sib cheated by pulling a Rachel and sprinted the last 100m of the first 800m when we agreed to stay together…haha…and he runs really fast backwards! nice job guys 🙂

  7. Sonnysib

    Thats Funny Rachel! Dont remember cheating.. But look you lift heavier than me at least let me be faster than you!!! Good WOD this morning.. I just said like a week ago that I have never seen this WOD Grif and thought it would be cool. Def one of my favorites now. Hooah!!!!