Common Courtesy

Imagine you invite a few friends over to your home. You have a great time and, after they leave, you notice things around your house aren’t right. Cups and dishes are strewn on tables and floors. Maybe drinks are spilled on your furniture. Your bathroom is a mess. Someone drove their car on your lawn. You’d most likely be a bit frustrated that your friends didn’t respect your space. And you would never dream of leaving someone else’s dwelling like that.

Think of the gym as a home. One where over 100 people visit each day. Most of our 100+ friends are respectful, but many are not. As coaches, we are constantly picking up empty water bottles, wiping up sweat, putting equipment back in its place, etc. We find bathrooms a mess (people not flushing, men missing the toilet altogether). We wipe chalky puddles from the ground. We’ve even found chewed gum under a bike seat.

While some of this “comes with the territory,” if everyone did their part to be respectful of our coaches and members, the gym would be a much more pleasant space.

While the gym and floor is professionally cleaned three times a week, it can get unruly in a single class.

So, please wipe down your equipment and mats, put gear away in the proper place, throw trash away, be aware of the mess you make in the bathrooms, spray and wipe machines and your workout area on the floor, etc.

Thanks in advance for being respectful.


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