Cherry Picking

Do you avoid the gym on strength training days? Or maybe you’re one to skip out on cardio. We call that cherry picking.

If you’re a cherry picker, you miss out on the full benefit of our programming. When we design a week, we balance strength training with capacity, hitting different energy systems and movements to create a complete program. If you’re routinely avoiding certain types of workouts, you will have a glaring hole in your fitness.

Many people fall into one of two categories: cardio junkies or meat heads. The cardio junkies who enter our gym often lack overall strength, the ability to jump and many times cannot properly squat and hinge. And, often, they can go long, but lack the ability to produce power in the short term. The Olympic lifts, plyometrics, powerlifting and interval training help them improve in those realms. Resistance training (i.e. weight lifting) allows for better body composition, improves bone density and makes you more resilient. It’s a MUST for everyone, including the older population. So, don’t skip our Monday and Friday workouts!

On the flip side, many meatheads don’t like to get their heart rates up and lack aerobic capacity. Our “cardio” days help them improve in that area and get them breathing better under stress. Cardio makes your heart stronger and improves lung capacity. You need it, so come in on Tuesdays!

We’ve heard of people not liking the barbell (gasp!). If that’s you, then pick up dumbbells instead. If long cardio workouts give you anxiety and make you feel like you’re dying, then you can decrease the volume of a workout. There really are no excuses to skip out on your weaknesses. If you do that’s what they will always be…weaknesses.

Andy…he does it all!


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