Caveman Par-tay


Caveman Par-tay

Come to the Paleo Potluck after the 9 AM class…and don't come empty-handed!


Workout of the Day: 

1 rep-max Snatch
Ten minute time limit, not including warm up.


30 squat cleans for time 155/105

4 Responses

  1. JOHN Y

    Thank You for all of your help this am. You have no idea how much I appreciated the one on one with the lifts. Hell of a work out. Sib you had better do this one!

  2. Diane Blais

    John there where a few times I wasn’t sure you were so happy with Rob’s watching eye, but he did keep you going doing it exactly right. Good job!!
    Hey, am I seeing Neil in this picture above?? If so welcome back.

  3. Yes, that’s Neil. Heeeeee’s baaaaack.
    I had delusions of granduer that I would get a big PR on the snatch…not so much.
    The Paleo Potluck was fun…good food, laughs and awesome peeps.

  4. Rachel

    yea the paleo partay was off the chain! Especially Kristi’s AWESOME honey/dill carrots…scrumptious Nice work on the 30 squat cleans today Wendy, geez I had delusions of graduer on defeating you, but you win today 🙂