August 8, 2018

3 sets –
:30 Row
5 Front squats
5 Push press
5 Thruster
5 Hang power clean
*first set, use empty bar, slowly add weight each set

3 rounds for time of:
500 meter row
15 Thrusters RX/Intermediate 95/65; Master55+ 75/45
7 Power cleans RX 155/105 ; Intermediate 135/95; Master55+ 115/65
*13 minute time cap

3 rounds for time of:
300 meter row
10 Dumbbell thrusters
5 Hang power cleans

3 Sets of:
10 Hex bar deadlifts
5 High seated box jumps

3 sets of:
5 Tuck up to v-ups
15 Abmat situps
:30 Hollow hold
Rest 1:00

Sugar Rush 

Last year, we introduced a benchmark partner workout called Sugar Rush, after which we held a dessert contest. Well…it’s time to retest Sugar Rush and enjoy some treats afterwards. Join us Saturday, August 25 at 11 AM. Bring a partner or come as a single and we will match you up. Stick around afterwards and hang with your gym friends and enjoy a well-deserved indulgence.

Details and the workout are here: 


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