August 7, 2012


August 7, 2012

Minimum Standards

We've come up with a list of minimum standards for the Rx and Master's Divisions of our CFVB/Treasure Coast CrossFit competition, VERO BEAST, on September 15.

If you are signing up, read the list below. If you can't meet these standards, please sign up for the scaled division. Sign up by September 1…we will be capping the number of athletes, so don't delay!

…and the smack talk is already starting!

Deadlift in a WOD 225/155
Snatch in a WOD 125/75
Box jump 30/24
Shoulder to overhead in a WOD 135/85
Clean in a WOD 135/85
Rope climbs
Toes to bar
Wall balls 20/14

Masters (40+)
Deadlift in a WOD 185/115
Snatch in a WOD 85/55
Box jump 24/20
Shoulder to overhead in a WOD 95/65
Clean in a WOD 95/65
Rope climbs
Knees to elbows
Wall balls 14/10

If you don't want to compete, but want to help, we will need judges, score keepers, etc.

Registration fee is $25 and proceeds benefit the Treasure Coast Feed Bank. We will also ask spectators to bring food or donations for the food drive.

Mike b.
Mike B.

Workout of the Day:
7 x 1 Snatch off high boxes

6 x 2 Back squats @ 80%

3 sets of (untimed, but move quickly)–
100 m prowler 90/50
15 wall balls 20/14
 - limit yourself to 2 minutes of rest between sets

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  1. Chris H

    I qualify for the masters! I guess I have to take a vacation day on the 15th. What time is it starting?