August 6, 2018

2 Rounds of:
5 External Obliques opener variation: leg raises
5 T-spine openers
5 PVC liftoffs
10 Frog pumps
:20 Frog stretch
5 Goblet squat @ tempo
+Trainer- led bar path drills

Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes
2-Position power snatch (floor, above knee) @ 60 – 65%

*A note about our gymnastics work: there is a huge difference between “getting it done” and getting it done right. These movements are extremely important and have tremendous carryover to everything we do here in the

gym IF they are executed properly. So, take your time, focus and scale, if needed.

Circuit 1 –
3 sets of:
5/3 Tempo strict pull-up (2sec up / 2sec down)
5/3 Tempo push-up (2sec up / 2sec down)

Circuit 2 –
2 sets of:
2 high amplitude arch to hollow/toes-to-bar
4 Abwheel roll-outs
rest as needed between sets

1:00 passive bar hang
1:00 each side, twisted cross

Barbell Reminder

If you’ve never been to our free barbell sessions on Tuesday and Thursday

at 5:30 PM, this week is for you! Come on in and Zach will focus on the newbies. Seasoned lifters are also invited and will have a workout posted on the board.


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