August 29, 2014


August 29, 2014

What Does it Take?

Every few months I clear out the workout logs from the file boxes, taking out the folders from people who didn’t commit. I just hate it. I remember all of them, what they look like, how they moved, their overall fitness level and goals. We try our best to make everyone feel comfortable when CrossFit seems intimidating at first. We stand behind our programming and knowledge,  yet, not everyone makes it.

Why do some people with all the athletic potential in the world fail and others, who are faced with a lot of obstacles, succeed?

So, I ask all of you…what does it take to “make it” at CrossFit? Post to comments.

… do you have what it takes to be the Vero Beast? If so, register today before other gyms get in on the action! 


Also…we were nominated by Treasure Coast CrossFit to take the ALS ice bucket challenge, which we will do near the end of the 5:30 PM class (6:15-ish). Please come join us if you can – don’t be scared, it will be “our version” of the challenge (which may involve beer/cider).

drew jump

Workout of the Day
3-position snatch
hip, mid-hang, floor
15 minutes of tech work, light, focus on positions

Five rounds for time of:
5 front squat (clean from the floor) Rx+ 225/155; Rx185/125
5 strict chest-to-bar pull-ups

Flexibility: 3 sets of:
10 Shoulder dislocators with PVC pipe
:30 Box stretch
:20 (each leg) couch stretch
:20 hamstring stretch
foam roll with focus on lats and quads

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

12 Responses

  1. Bonnie

    What does it take to make it at Crossfit Vero Beach? Check your ego at the door and you must to be able to take constructive criticism.

  2. Julia

    I think it takes an all out effort which is far more demanding than anything i’ve ever experienced as a gym member. I like being pushed to deliver my very best. I think Crossfit is for those that like to feel they have persevered!

  3. rick fiore

    It starts with desire, it continues with persistence and tenacity, then , with a lot of help from trainers and fellow athletes, ends with confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Everyday.

  4. Phin

    Get involved, have fun and work hard. Look at the hard workouts as a chalange and not a pain in the ass, their funner to accomplish that way. And last but not least I love the Crossfit family that I have gained.

  5. Jenn K

    Commitment! It’s never easy. It’s not always fun. You won’t always feel like it. Show up anyway. It’s always worth it.

  6. kristi

    CrossFit takes patience! You aren’t going to get every lift and skill in your first week, month, or even year. You must give yourself time to learn all that CrossFit asks of you and realize that some things are just going to take you longer to get than others but if you put the time into them they will come!

  7. dolf

    Embrace it. It’s fun. Hard yes, but fun, and it results in undeniable benefits. How many things can you really say that for? Finally, you get to accomplish all of this with like minded friends rather than in isolation. You are competing against yourself, but you are doing it with friends!

  8. Amanda

    Just go! Show up as much as you can, you will get more comfortable, picking up all the moves takes time, but you will never get it if you are not regular

  9. Jim B

    It’s not about the athletic ability…..
    Personal commitment, desire to improve yourself every day, mental fortitude, competitiveness, the ability to accept your weekneses and work hard to improve them. Look around the gym it comes in all shapes and sizes!