August 27, 2018

2 sets –
:30 bike
10 PVC liftoffs
5 tempo goblet squats
5 external oblique opener variation: leg raise
5 T-spine openers
+trainer led barbell

Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes
2 Squat Snatch (scale: 2 power snatch)

Circuit 1 –
3 sets of:
5/3 kipping or butterfly pull-ups (scale: kipping pull-ups in a band)
5/3 strict handstand pushups (scale: handstand push-up negative or pike pushup)

Circuit 2 –
3 sets of:
:20 L-sit (paralette or rings) – accumulate :20 for quality, break as needed
Rest as needed between sets

1:00 twisted cross
1:00 box stretch


Monday Motivation

We aren’t usually ones to toot our own horn, but at a recent planning meeting, Rob and I were reflecting on the progress we’ve made as a gym. Some of you have been with us since day one (that’s almost 10 years!), so you’ve seen our offerings progress from simple CrossFit WODs to a complete functional program.

Today, we believe that our facility and staff are second to none. We have

more equipment, more education about training protocols, more knowledge of how to progress our athletes and more passion for coaching.

We started listing our attributes and were very proud of how we’ve grown as a company.  As you read the list below, know that we

couldn’t have done it without the support from our members. THANK

YOU for trusting us – this has allowed us not only to grow and thrive as a business, but as human beings.

Vero Strength + Conditioning offers:

  • 48 adult group classes per week
  • Programs
    • Group Functional Fitness
    • Structure
    • Kids
    • Teens
    • Sweat
    • Ride or Die
    • Camps, including Running and Kids
    • Sunday Strong, Special Needs Class
    • Barbell
    • Personal Training
  • A Knowledgeable Staff
    • 12 Coaches
    • 1 Registered Dietician
    • 1 Physical Therapist
  • 9000 Square feet and growing!
    • 4 bathrooms/3 Showers
    • Olympic lifting area
    • Retail store
  • Cardio Equipment
    • 7 Ski Erg
    • 7 Bike Erg
    • 10 Concept 2 Rowers
    • 3 Assault Runners
    • 7 Assault Bikes
    • 2 Rogue Echo Bikes
  • Weights – tens of thousands of pounds of:
    • Kettlebells
    • Dumbbells
    • Bumper plates
    • Strongman equipment
  • Regular community events
    • Themed partner workouts
    • Parties, challenges and get-togethers
    • CharityWOD, which has raised over $10,000 for local non-profits
    • The DriTri triathlon

We love this life and we look forward to the next decade of growth, knowledge and health!


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