August 26, 2019

2 sets –
5 T-Spine Opener
5 Overhead plate stretch 
:20 frog stretch 
5 frog pumps
5 Plate squats + :10 hold at the bottom of each 
McGill big 3 
+ trainer led barbell warm up

Every 2:00 for 12:00
3 hang power clean + 3 push jerks @45-55%
Rest :20 and add weight
1 hang squat clean + push jerk @60-65%

Every 2:00 for 12:00
3 power position power cleans and push press
Rest :20
1 positional pause power position power clean + 1 push press

3 sets:
5 kettlebell front squats (tempo: 3 seconds down, 2 second pause at bottom, fast up)

Rest 1:00

5 each leg, dumbbell front-elevated reverse drop lunge (tempo:2 second tempo up/down)
10 dumbbell frog pumps 

2 sets:
5 strict weighted pull ups 
12 alternating tall kneeling kettlebell strict press ( 2 second tempo up/down) 
6 each arm dumbbell row 

Mindset Monday – Mindfulness During Workouts

This week’s post will center on your focus for workouts. Focus starts before you even walk into the gym, when you read the workout on our website, making sure you understand the movements. When you walk through the doors and warm up, focus on preparing your body for the tasks at hand and performing movements outside of the group warm-up that YOU specifically need. Focus continues when you actively listen to the coach brief the workout, outlining movement standards and demonstrating exercises. Finally, it is imperative that you maintain your focus when participating in the workout. Think about doing it well, not sacrificing technique for time.

Often, we are reminding you to focus during the tempo work. Performing movements slow and controlled allows you to activate the proper muscle groups and not overcompensate. Tempo is also critical in muscular development. So, slow it down and focus…don’t just “do it to get it done.”

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