August 24, 2012


August 24, 2012

One Week Left

You've got a week left to sign up for Vero Beast! Sign-up sheet is at the gym…don't miss out on a lot of fun and your chance at some great prizes.


Workout of the Day:

7 x 1 Hang Power snatch + Power Snatch

5 x 2 back squat, heaviest possible

5 x 2 Front Squat, heaviest possible

Thee sets of –
Max effort muscle-ups
10 Good mornings
5 snatch grip behind the neck press, heaviest possible

2 Responses

  1. Patrick

    CFVB!!!! I loook forward to the results and pictures of this competition!!!! It looks great for ALL …Rx, Masters & Scaled!!!! You guys are still awesome!!
    Patrick Cook
    CrossFit NTX
    Denton, Texas (Dallas)