August 23, 2019

2 sets –
5 toe-touch to squat
5 overhead plate stretch
5 foam roll wall slides
5 T-spine openers
5 goblet squats
McGill Big 3

3 sets:
Barbell Back Squat 1-3-5-7 @70%
Rest : 10 between reps; rest as needed between sets

3 sets –
3 Barbell strict press (tempo: fast up, 2 second hold at top, 3 seconds down)

Rest 1:00

5 Gymnastic Hinge row
10 Alternating kettlebell dead start row
5 Each arm kettlebell bottoms up press
10 Tall kneeling alternating dumbbell bicep curl

3:00 each side twisted cross

Food for Thought Friday – The Magic Diet?

We all have a friend who lost weight on the Keto Diet. Maybe another who has has success with Intermittent Fasting. Maybe you leaned out with the macro approach. Or Paleo. Or the plethora of other diets out there.

In ALL these instances, the diet worked because the person was in a caloric deficit. Limiting yourself to just certain foods or eating only during a certain timeframe isn’t a “magic” solution – the successful person eats less than they burn.

Before you embark on a diet, ask yourself is it something you think you can maintain for the rest of your life. Are you willing to never eat carbs? Do you want to affect your social life by only eating during a specific eight hours of your day? The most successful “diets” are ones where you learn to eat with balance for the longterm.

A second note: diets like Keto and intermittent fasting have been studied to determine their affect on women. In the short-term they may be fine, but some studies have shown that they may disrupt normal hormone function, leading to all sorts of issues. Us women are complicated beings!

So, don’t be a weirdo. If you want to lose weight, find out the level of macros/calories you need to eat in order to be in a short-term deficit (while also giving yourself enough fuel). Be consistent in eating healthy, whole foods. Make it a habit for life.

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