August 22, 2014


August 22, 2014

Good Luck!

Today, Rob is competing on a team and, on Saturday, Liz is competing as an individual at Crush Games.

Crush Games is one of the top CrossFit events in the country, drawing many CrossFit Games competitors. So, stay tuned to the website for scoring and updates or – even better – head down to the BB&T Center in Sunrise this weekend and check out the actiont!


Some inspiration for your snatch. Notice her set-up, the fact that her back angle doesn’t change as she pulls off the floor, how she sweeps the bar into her hips and drives through her heels, that her arms remain straight until the third pull where she pulls herself under the bar. Although we are performing a power snatch today, everything remains the same, you are simply catching the bar higher.

Workout of the Day
Power Snatch 5×2

Back Squat 5×2

250 m row x 8 @ 100%
– rest as needed

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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