August 2, 2018

2 sets –
:30 row
100 meter run
5 inch worms

For time:
300 calorie Row
*every 3 minutes, team must complete a 200-meter run. This can be done

by one team member completing all 200m or both, running 100m each*
*split work anyway, one person works at a time*
*30 minute time cap*

1 set:
15 abmat situps
:20 hollow hold
:20 superman hold
rest :20
20 abmat situps
:25 hollow hold
:25 superman hold
rest :30
25 abmat situps
:30 hollow hold
:30 superman hold

The Benefits of Waking Early 

Before you hit that snooze button, consider this: waking early may give you physical, mental and emotional benefits. These include the ability to sustain a healthier diet, a more routine workout schedule and better

concentration. Just ask the 5 AM class…

Read the entire article here: 

Did You Know…

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