August 19, 2014


August 19, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

Everyone knows how hard Danya works in the gym, but you may not know how far she’s come. Before CrossFit she was overweight and had issues with hypoglycemia. She became motivated to change her activity level and diet and has never looked back. I asked her to share her story and some before photos and she obliged. Read below…

Crossfit Vero Beach has changed my life. From looking at my pictures, the obvious can be stated that Crossfit will make you look better. In just a short year, I lost thirty pounds by adopting paleo and am at a weight that I personally have never been before. Even though I look better, that is not the gift that Crossfit Vero Beach has given me. Crossfit has made me see that all the “worldly pressures” of being thin and the dire need of wanting to be a size 0 is a very unrealistic approach to what life should be like. I put so much emphasis on what the numbers said on the scale that it started to control my life. Crossfit has no longer given me this obsession. My goals and focus have changed. Instead of focusing on the weight on the scale, I now focus on the weight of the bar and push myself to achieve success. I can now say that Crossfit has made me believe in myself and workouts that I thought looked ridiculous and impossible; I can now accomplish one step at a time, but only with the help and training of all of our trainers. They are encouraging, supportive, motivating, and challenge you to give it your all even when you think differently. I have gained a second family and there is no other gym that can compare to Crossfit Vero Beach.

Danya Before and after
Danya the day she started CrossFit and Danya today! 


Workout of the Day
For time-
4 Rope Climbs
6 Front Squats 185/115
12 Bar-facing burpee over bar
3 Rope Climbs
8 Front Squats 185/115
10 Bar-facing burpee over bar
2 Rope Climbs
10 Front Squats 185/115
8 Bar-facing burpee over bar
1 Rope Climb
12 Front Squats 185/115
6 Bar-facing burpee over bar

3×10 paralette pass-throughs (demo video below. focus on keeping midline tight)

Flexibility: 3 sets of
:20 couch stretch (each leg)
:20 box stretch

Couch stretch:
couch stretch

Box Stretch:
daniel TJ box stretch

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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