August 15, 2012


August 15, 2012

CFVB on Vacation

Margaret A sent this photo with this note: Jim using perfect form in squat at Mt. Rainier; Jack using sarcasm.

Workout of the Day:

7 x 1 2, 3-stop snatch pulls + 1 power snatch DEMO OF 3-STOP PULL
(a rep consists of two of the 3-stop pulls and 1 power snatch. hold on to the bar the entire time, keep back tight and shoulders back)

3 sets of –
Max effort strict pull-ups
Max effort deficit handstand push-ups 6”/4”
15 Glute-ham raises
5 Snatch grip behind the neck press
(this is not timed, but rest no more than 45 seconds between exercises)

Max effort: 1 mile run (rain plan: 2000 m row)

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