August 13, 2011


August 13, 2011


New afternoon class times start today – 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 PM.

Our monthly Free WOD is this Saturday at 9 AM. Spread the word, bring a friend!

Check out the updates at Vero Beast

Frankie convo
Frankie moved back to California and got his parents hooked on CrossFit…his mom loves it!

Workout of the Day:

7×1 Clean & Jerk

3×3 flat-footed hang clean hi-pulls DEMO VIDEO
   – feet stay flat, elbows high, bar to the nips

1 minute of max effort slapping push-ups
– rest 1 minute
AMRAP in 8 minutes
16 alternating KB snatches 55/35 (8 each arm)
12 Thrusters 95/65
8 burpee over bars
– rest 1 minutes
1 minutes of max effort slapping push-ups (slap chest)

Movement standards –
– Slapping push-ups: chest to the ground at beginning of movement, explode into your push-up, both hands slap chest. Sub is strict push-ups (chest to ground)
– KB snatches: alternate left to right arm; KB does not have to touch ground; fully lock KB out with arm in front of arm, kees and hips open. DEMO VIDEO
– Thrusters: start with a full-depth front squat to overhead press
– Burpee over bar: start with chest and thighs to ground; instead of a clap over your head, jump over your barbell.

2 Responses

  1. Frankie

    This is awesome! The latest quote they said about my parents was “The seniors are setting the bar high!” My dad is doing surprisingly well! I am such a proud crossfit son. Drama, Drama Queen, and Drama King all WODing together, such a family affair!

  2. Tiney

    Hahah oh God I hope they aren’t as dramatic as you are! I’m so jealous Frankie that your parents are doing Crossfit. They are the best, I love them! 🙂