August 11, 2017

2 rounds of:
10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings
10 Quarter Squat Jumps
+trainer-led Snatch drills

5X2 Power Snatch @ 65-80%

5×2 Power snatch from power position (or hang)

3 sets of:
10 D-ball Ground to Over Shoulder **Focus on Hip Extension
10/7 Strict Supinated Pull-ups

No Rest between Rounds

2 sets of:
100 Meter Sled Push 90/50
rest 2:00 Between Sets

1 set of:
1:00 Box Stretch
1:00 Twisted Cross Each Side
1:00 Sphinx Pose


CrossFit Games Recap
By Liz Ponto, who traveled to Madison to coach

This past weekend our very own Charles Sullivan, aka Chuck, competed in his 6th ever Crossfit Games. This year, unlike the past five, was at a completely new venue in Madison, Wisconsin. Given the layout of the area, we fully expected to see some endurance-type workouts which would be in Chuck’s wheelhouse and event 1 definitely proved us right.

Event 1 consisted of 1.5 mile run, 500 meter lake swim, followed by another 1.5 mile run. Since this was the only event of Day 1 (Thursday), Chuck

was eager to take off at 12:30 PM so he could recoup and fuel up for the next few days of competition. However, mother nature had other plans and while athletes approached the start line, they were told that there would be a delay due to lightening in the area. This led to a three-hour delay with little food before they were allowed to take off. Regardless of the circumstances, Chuck had a solid performance, his highest of all events, 5th!

Day 2 consisted of two events. The first was fittingly called ‘Bar Fight’ and consisted of HEAVY clean and jerks, toes-to-bar, and chest-to-bar pull-ups. Chuck had tested this workout with success back home and moved the bar well during warm-up however, when he arrived to the competition floor we realized that the equipment was different making the

movement much harder. The bar for the clean and jerk was a short bar which does not provide the same ‘whip’ that a regular bar does making 155# seem more like 175#. Chuck fought through the first set of clean and jerks and then blasted through the gymnastics portion before getting time capped midway through the second set of clean and jerks. He managed to finish 15th overall on both events of the day. The second workout was an obstacle course.

After a challenging day 2, Chuck approached day 3 knowing that all of the

nerve-wracking workouts were behind him.  Day 3 had three events. The first was a fast-paced combination of dumbbell snatches and double-unders. Chuck moved well through the event and took a 14th place finish. Event 2 was a 2-rep max front squat and Chuck captured a 12th place finish due to some unfortunate misjudged no-reps. We were hopeful Chuck’s bad luck

with judges would end there but, unfortunately in the third event of the day, Chuck lost his first place position in event 5 because his judge was

providing misguided directions about where to move his equipment. This 20-second delay caused Chuck to finish the event in 7th place overall in a vested run, air squat, burpee box jump combination.

The fourth and final day of competition offered up the event final. Crossfit programmed two workouts in one finale. The first was the CrossFIt benchmark “Diane” with less reps than the original and the second part was a

high-rep rope climb and thruster race to the finish. Chuck moved well through both events and finished 14th and 13th, respectively.

Overall, it was incredible to see the fitness and capabilities of Chuck and his age group at the Crossfit Games. The level of competition was clearly the best in the world and provided inspiration to any younger person(s) watching this group throw down all weekend. Chuck made us all proud by

performing under pressure at the highest level in our sport with grit and

determination. Well done Chuck!

Chuck’s gone viral! 


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