August 1, 2018

3 sets –
:30 bike
10 scapular pull-ups
5 hang power snatches (empty barbell, slowly add weight each set)
5 overhead squats/front squats (empty barbell, slowly add weight each set)
5 pull-ups

3 rounds for time:
5 full (squat) snatches RX+ 155/105; RX 135/95; Masters 115/75 (scale =

power snatches)
15 Pull-ups
25/20 calorie Assault bike
*12 minute time cap*
*heats of 7 every 12 minutes*
*Rx = reset calories on bike each round*

3 sets of:
10 single stiff leg dumbbell deadlifts (each side)
:30 single leg glute bridge hold (each side)

3 sets of:
15 each way banded side steps
12 alternating reverse sandbag lunges

Gym Anniversaries

August is a big month for anniversaries! Take a moment to reflect on your

first day here and all the amazing things your body can do now.

Thank you for your dedication!

NINE YEARS! (some of the anniversary months may be off here, as the first few months of the gym I tracked everyone using an Excel spreadsheet!) 
Tori Rich
Jenn Watson
Sue Clendening
Tara Henderson
Charlie Clendening

Seven Years
Drew Sonier

Six Years
Margaret Atherton
Chelsea Fidgeon
Joanne Duncanson

Five Years
Doreen Cady
Tibor Andrejszky

Four Years
Laura Toth
Mallory Weatherly
Arielle Bagby

Three Years
Molly Metcalf

Two Years
Amy Koziel
Kim Nance

One Year
Erika Andrejszky
Grayson Neumann
Summer Seevers


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