Are You a Blog Stalker?


Are You a Blog Stalker?

I know you're out there…reading our website and perusing the comments every day. You know who you are.  A group of blog "regulars" are keeping the comments section interesting, but I know you've got something to say. C'mon…make it funny, informative, thought-provoking or just plain silly.

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Workout of the Day:

Squat cleans 135/95

35 Responses

  1. Joey

    I’m glad you guys changed the workout from the main site! back to back days of squats, pushups and situps would have been tough! There I contributed to the blog! lol

  2. kristi

    I agree with Joey although this one was pretty intense. When the pull ups are the easier part of the workout you know it is a toughy. Nice job 6 AM class 🙂

  3. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Congrats Frankie on finishing April’s PainStorm it looks brutal! I thought it was an April Fools Day joke! This morning’s WOD was tough! Warren we are still missing you in here, Charlie is still working on the muscle ups I know he will get them! Michelle are you still out there? I am guilty of checking other websites out and stalking other Blogs!

  4. Debbie D

    And here I thought I was the special one who got to see the new Do-Wins photo last night!
    Stud muffin, Jim! Has Joe been back in, or did he decide that we are all truly crazy?

  5. Debbie D

    How exciting! I bet Jim is happy.
    man, Kanuckles, you got granny all in a tizzy today…you should tell her that there’s this switch on her phone that can actually turn it OFF. 🙂

  6. Mrs. Kanuckles

    OK, Let me appologize before you Stone Cold Stunner my ass.
    BTW — before starting crossfit, Wendy’s death threat would have made me pee my pants. But now since doing crossfit for over a year, I have built muscles and a new found confidence that I could not have found in a global gym. Thank you crossfit for helping to make me stronger, shrinking my pant size and to not be scared anylonger.
    I would recommend anyone that is blog stalking and on the fence about CF to give it a try!

  7. I use my phone as my alarm in case the power goes off. I need to get up to open the gym for you CrossFitters.
    Kanuckles – I could totally kick your ass. Be scared.

  8. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Are we talking wire coat hanger mood? Pay it forward Wendy with a 4 am call…

  9. don edwards

    TGIF- Anyone up for going out tonight after wod for cocktails /(water)? Think about it and lets do something

  10. Debbie D

    Don – I’d love a raincheck! I have dinner plans, and since I haven’t been in all week I don’t deserve a celebratory cocktail. 🙁 I’ll see you guys for class tomorrow.

  11. Now this is a good day!! Look at all the talk going on here. I agree we need more people on the comment page, I like funny or helpful information. I wouldn’t go as far as to challenge Wendy aka mommy dearest though Mrs. Kanuckles.
    Have a great Easter weekend everybody!!

  12. Debbie D

    Duckman – I’ll show you tomorrow why I haven’t been in. I’m not exactly sure what a pulled groin muscle looks like, but I think I either pulled something or am growing an alien baby below my belly button.
    nice visual, eh?
    btw – I work for the feds, so this is your taxpayer $$ at work 🙂

  13. Hi Sue, Charlie and the rest of the CrossFit Vero Beach crew. Wendy you sure got a lot of people to write in today. We have EVA tomorrow (that is such a bad ass workout). I am already dreading it. I hope all of you have a Happy Easter Weekend!