April 8, 2016

Dodgeball Update

Here’s some general information for Saturday. If you are playing, please review. We will also have a Q&A promptly at 3 PM before game 1.

The Bracket
The tournament will be single elimination. Since we have one court and 10 teams, we felt this was the best way to get everyone through in

a few hours. Here’s the bracket:

Dodgeball Bracketing-2

Team 1: Free Ballers
Team 2: Ballsagna
Team 3: Balls Deep
Team 4: Dirty Dodgers
Team 5: Team Kamikaze
Team 6: Balls & Dolls
Team 7: Untouchables
Team 8: Vero Beach Ballas
Team 9: Imperious Spirits
Team 10: Bomb Squad

Team Rosters

040616_dodgeball teams

Roster also available as PDF: dodge ball teams

The Rules 

In Game

  • The game starts with everyone’s feet touching the back line of their

    side of the court. On “3, 2, 1, dodgeball” the teams will run to the centerline where 8 balls are evenly spread out.

  • If you hit someone with a ball (below the shoulders) they’re


  • If you hit someone above the shoulders, you (the thrower) are out!
  • If you catch a ball, the thrower of that ball is out and a person on

    your team (who is out) is back in!

  • If you hold on to a ball for more than 10 seconds, you’re out!
  • If every member from a team has been eliminated by the other team, the team that eliminated the other team is crowned winner and will advance

    to the next round

  • If the time expires before one team has been eliminated, the team with the most “in” players will be crowned the winning team

    and advance to the next round

  • A ball is dead if it hits any wall, ceiling, or inanimate object unassociated with the game.

How does the game work?

  • Each match will consist of 2 teams, 10 players, and 8 balls in game at all times
  • Each match is single elimination. This means that the losing team will be eliminated after each match.
  • The duration of the matches in Round 1 and 2 is 7:00 minutes
  • The duration of the matches in the Semi-Final and the Final is 10:00


  • Should the teams be equal after the time expires, the match will be granted a 2:00 over-time


Anyone is welcome to come watch, hang out, etc. See you all tomorrow!
john young thruster
Workout of the Day
Squat prep
3 sets of
10 banded squat
10 KB Goblet squat

Back squat 3 x 10 @ 60/70%

5 sets, not for time, of:
5 Strict press
10 Bar or ring rows
15 Perfect Push ups
rest 2 minutes between sets

Midline: 3 sets of –
5 Strict toes to bar
:30 Hollow body
:30 Arch hold

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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