April 5, 2018


April 5, 2018

2 rounds of
10 walking lunge with torso twist
10 high knees
10 butt kicks
10 standing toe touch

For time:
5000 Meter row
Every 2 minutes, both partners run 200 meters together

9 minute EMOM
1 – :40 Plank
2 – :40 Hollow hold
3 – 7 V-ups to Tuck-ups

1 set of:
:30 each side soles stretch
:30 bar hang
:30 each side hamstring stretch

CharityWOD Registration is Open! 

Sign-up sheets are in the gym (see below for standards). Please bring cash or a check for a minimum $50 donation per team. Make checks out to the charity,

You will also be able to pre-order a CharityWOD shirt, just mark your sizes on the registration form and we will charge your card when they arrive. Even if you aren’t participating in the workout, you may still order a shirt.

Standards are:

  • Rx: clean & jerk 115/75
  • Masters (partners have a combined age of 80): clean & jerk 95/65
  • Scaled: clean & jerk 75/55
    All divisions will use machines and do burpees! 

WOMEN: Need a partner? We have three guys looking, all divisions. Email [email protected] and we will get you matched up.