April 27, 2016



We are starting today’s session with some row technique. Just a few tweaks to your posture and timing can make

a big difference in your row efficiency.

Whether you hate it or love it, rowing is one of our most commonly-utilized modalities. This seemingly simple exercise requires coordination, core recruitment, and postural awareness and therefore elicits unique and beneficial responses from the body. Improving

your technique may not help you love rowing anymore but, it will help you

increase your efficiency of movement with both the row itself and other pulling movements. The article linked below discusses common errors in the

rowing stroke and easy fixes for them.

To summarize:

Error: Rounded back
Fix: Sit up tall!/ Chest up

Error: Leaning back too far
Fix: Torso should move 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock

Error: Early arm pull
Fix:Arm pull occurs post leg drive

Error: Leaning back to early
Fix: Drive through heels to engage posterior chain

Check out the article for yourself. It is a quick read and we will spend part of class today focusing on rowing technique.

mike bagby row


Workout of the Day
10 minutes of row technique work (coach-led)

For time:
40 calories – air bike
20 front squats RX+ 185/125 RX 155/105 Masters 55+ 125/85
30 calories – air bike
15 front squat
20 calories – air bike
10 front squats
10 calories – air bike
5 front squats
*22-minute time cap
*front squat is cleaned from the floor 

3 sets
1:00 saddle stretch (see variations below) 
Saddle upright Saddle all the way
1:00 extended arm lizard stretch
extended arm lizard stretch

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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