April 26, 2016


Spotlight – Rana Khan

It’s been four years since this multi-talented lady first graced CFVB with her presence…and it’s been an eventful

four years! We’ve witnesses Rana become a first-time mom, keeping up

her CrossFit routine through her entire pregnancy and bouncing right back. In fact, she looks better and stronger than ever!

There is never (I mean NEVER) a dull moment when Rana’s around. She may look controlled and serene, but under the surface is a feisty spirit who curses like a sailor, has a fierce sense of humor, and has a secret ability for creating raps. Add to all this, the fact that she is a consistent athlete, an amazing mother and a supportive friend and you’ve got quite the dynamo. One more fact: she teaches the yoga class here at CFVB (Saturdays at 10 AM).

To top it all off, Rana just earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing while juggling motherhood/family and also

earning the distinction of “Employee of the Year” for the Health Department. She’s a true renaissance woman!

Factoid: Rana is pronounced like “Donna,” with an “R.”

Here’s more on Rana…

Occupation: Registered nurse at the Indian

River County Health Department

Family: husband Fred, daughter Ramani, 2 dogs and a cat

Favorite Crossfit movement/workout: Just give me a good chipper

Favorite cheat meal: Pretty much any vegetarian Indian dish, and French pastries, especially almond and chocolate croissants.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, being outdoors, yoga, Crossfit, eating, cooking and baking, and using colorful language.

Little known fact about me: I have a twin brother and we sometimes unconsciously revert to our “twin language.”   Yes, it’s a real thing. I was born and raised in Chicago and know nothing about the suburbs. I’ve held dual nationality in the US and Pakistan and spent time there as a child.

I vacillate between being a concrete jungle fly girl and a tree-humpin’ hippie. My love for the outdoors combined with inexperience led me to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

and back up in a day (not recommended) and to sleep in a field in Yosemite National Park with no gear using my skirt as a sleeping bag (also not recommended and yes, I hiked in a skirt).

In addition to being a nurse, I am a licensed real estate broker.  Prior to that I worked in the floral industry as a designer and owned a floral shop in Fort Lauderdale for 6 years before moving to Vero.  I’ve been practicing yoga for about 15 years and am a yoga instructor certified in Kali Natha Yoga, a spiritual and meditative style of yoga as well as Integrative Yoga Therapy which focuses on yoga for chronic health conditions.

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REMINDER: Beginner Barbell tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 7 AM. This is a free session for any member to attend. Come on in!


Workout of the Day
Overhead Prep
2 sets of:
10 quadruped reach and rotate each arm

10 quadruped rotation with band assist

Foam roll up wall (emphasis on flexion of shoulder without internal rotation of shoulder joint)

4 sets of
3 push press + 3 push jerks @ 60%

500 m row sprint buy in:
@ 2:30 mark, go directly into:

8 minute AMRAP:
10 Shouder to Overhead RX 135/95 Masters 55+ 115/75
10 Burpees over bar (lateral)

Midline: 2 set of –
:45 side plank, left
:45 side plank, right
do not rest between

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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