April 24, 2019

2 sets –
T-Spine Opener 
5 Hinge (stiff legged deadlift) with empty bar
5 Hang power clean 
5 Front squat
5 Shoulder press+ 5 Push press + 5 Push jerk

For time:
3 rounds of 
“Macho Man”
RX+185/125 RX 145/100 Master 55+115/75 

Rest 2:00

For time:
4 rounds of 
“Macho Man”
RX+155/105 RX 115/75 Master 55+105/65 

Rest 2:00

For time:
6 rounds of 
“Macho Man”
RX+135/95 RX 105/70 Master 55+95/55 

1 round of “Macho Man” =
3 power clean + 3 front squat + 3 shoulder to overhead

3 Dumbbell hang power clean + 3 front squat + 3 push press

3 sets of:
5 D-ball or sandbag over shoulder 
50ft Farmers carry 

CharityWOD Reminder

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We’ve got a dozen teams so far! If you want to participate and need a partner, reach out and we will find you one.

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