April 23, 2011


April 23, 2011

Game Day #5

Can your 8-year-old do this? Go Ricky!

Workout of the Day:

CrossFit Games Open 11.5

Complete as many rounds and reps in 20 minutes of:
5 Power clean
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall ball shots

Power Clean: Men – 145#; Women — 100#; Men 55+ 130#; Women 55+ 75#
Wall Ball: Men – 20# to 10-ft. target; Women — 14# to 9-ft. target; Men 55+ – 20# to 9-ft. target; Women 55+ — 10# to 9-ft. target

4 Responses

  1. joe PT

    Ricky is so lucky to have the best weightlifting coach around! Brian has a stable of little monsters and they will be future olympic weightlifting superstars!

  2. Brenda

    I am enjoying watching how my kids are getting stronger. I hope this will lead them to a healthy life style. I wish I would have started at there age. Thank you Wendy,Rob and Bryan . <3 CFVB <3

  3. That tire is larger than that little boy. Woman power cleaning 100lbs…most men can’t do that.
    It’s good to see children starting out with a fitness program at a young age.
    It’s said when you see obese children…I see them at the mall all of the time…must be the twinky/Xbox 360 diet.
    I’m just dreaming of a hot fit Russian female 😉