April 22, 2014


April 22, 2014

Reminder: Open Gym Starts this Sunday

This Sunday, we will be holding our first open gym from 11 AM to 1 PM. Any CFVB member who has been CrossFitting six months or more can come work on a skill or lift, make up a missed workout or do mobility work. Jared will be the trainer on staff this Sunday.

We will have a sign-in sheet, so make sure to sign in, bring $5 cash and get to work!


Meagan rope climb
Meagan getting up the rope! 

Workout of the Day
Clean Complex
6 sets of:
1 Power clean + 1 high hang squat clean + 1 split jerk @ 65-75% of 1-rep max
work in groups of 2 or more to a bar

2 sets of 10 steps of an overhead walking lunge, jerk grip (with barbell)
– do a warm-up set with the bar, then choose an appropriate weight (men: 95-135/women:45-95)

3 sets, each for time of:
500 m row
15 burpees to a 25# plate
rest 2-3 minutes between efforts

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.