April 22, 2011


April 22, 2011

A Clean Gym = A Happy Gym

Look at the photo below…lots more space in the gym! We are tying up a few loose ends and rearranging equipment and then the expansion is done.

Let this blog entry serve as a reminder to please pick up after yourselves. That means putting tape/scissors back where you found them, throwing away your water bottles, putting up your bands, stacking your boxes back where you found them, putting back the racks after weightlifting, throwing away index cards and pens after tallying an AMRAP, taking tape off the bar when you are done, etc.

Help us keep the gym neat and tidy. It will make me happy. And you know the saying…If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy.

Thank you! 


Workout of the Day:

Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2


AMRAP in 8 minuntes
5 pull-ups
7 KB swings 70/55
10 push-ups (chest to the floor)

31 Responses

  1. Bernie

    I’m 53 y/o, got bad knees, and visited the gym. I also did some online research. I have decided not to become a member.
    I am not, nor have I ever been an athlete. High weight reps with little rest between sets can cause injury.

  2. Hi Bernie,
    You are surely misinformed. We stress form over intensity and we coach athletes during the workout to avoid injury. Moreover, we encourage mobility work for injury prevention and an anti-imflammatory diet. Among are members are doctors and physical therapists.
    The key to suceeding at CrossFit is a good attitude, open mind and a willingness to try. CrossFit is for anyone, not just elite athletes. Our members range from age twelve to sixty-five and many have no athletic background.
    Please look at both sides of the coin before posting an uninformed opinion.

  3. Mrs. Kanuckles

    High intensity workouts are not for everyone. But the research that is done online can be very confusing as many post opinions as fact. The Internet has made us all experts in every field and has flawed our researching skills by reading blogs or reviews.
    Here are my “facts” as I have researched online too.
    A sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy.
    Pilates makes your muscles longer.
    You can get hurt walking across the road.
    No woman should Lift more than 2 pnds ever.
    Hiit (high intensity interval training) is practiced globally and even used on biggest loser.
    Losing proper form can cause injury
    The cookie diet is healthy too.
    P90x is bad, Crossfit is bad, Jillian michaels is a sell out, working out makes your
    muscles tired.
    See how difficult it is to research online and spread your findings? I feel that each person should find an excercise outlet that they love and can stick with. It can be anything at all. Just get moving.

  4. Tara

    Oh Kristi…that would of been a great couples rope climb had that been Chris there. Though Joey and Chris’s backsides do look similar! Lol.
    Bernie, Bernie, Bernie….You sure are going to miss out. I would bet that both your knees and body would thank you for giving CrossFit a try. Wendy is right. The biggest key to CrossFit is the definitely right attitude.

  5. kristi

    My b! Totally looks like Chris and I figured it was him bc he loves his nasty girl cf shirt.
    Bernie, you are missing out buddy!

  6. Sally

    It seems to me that Bernie missed the “senior” participants of CrossFit Vero Beach. Many have been able to correct age specific aches and pains thanks to Wendy, Rob and the CFVB philosophy. It could be that CrossFit is too much “work” for some. The fact that it has proven results has obviously been overlooked here. Quite honestly and selfishly, I like things (our group) just the way it is!

  7. John

    Careful Sally, you are starting to sound a lot like some of the snow birds I have met over the years. They move to Vero think it is wonderful then want to close the doors so that no one else can move to Vero and “ruin” it. The group dynamics at VBCF are fascinating. Each time slot has its own feel and dynamic. A personโ€™s own internal push to get better is what will make CrossFit work for you in any BOX. Rob and Wendy just make this a great box to be. Bernie we have not met, but the mind is the first muscle that must be opened and stretched to make CrossFit work for you. I wish you luck in your quest for better fitness. I hope to see you back in our gym; it is a hell of a good place to be.

  8. Bernie came in during the 6 PM class. We’ve got all ages, including Don the “Super Senior.” I think the loud music, dropping weights and grunting may have distracted him!

  9. Debbie Deb

    How could you not like the 6pm class? We’re freakin’ awesome!
    I love that our time slots have their own personalities. Though we always welcome anyone at anytime. That’s one important compoment of CFVB that Bernie and others may not recognize…the amazing sense of family and support we have. Unlike any gym or fitness facility you will ever visit.

  10. And regarding the 6 PM class…I was there last night and there was such a fun dynamic. Big Tay and Chase smack-talking, then Cameron crushing them. Chris R. pushing himself with Rob and Greg (AKA Sledgehammer). Glen and David, father and son, bonding over CrossFit. Deb and Lucy encouraging eachother. Jen Budde deadlifting 235# for doubles! Brenda talking sense into Rob about the Open WODs…Lots of laughs, etc.

  11. Mrs. Kanuckles

    BTW.. my post was suppose to be under Wendys… and now that deb snagged in above it… it just doesnt make sense.

  12. Tiney

    Crossfit may not be for everyone but I think you should come back and give it a try. Although personally, I do think it is for everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will NEVER go back to a “global” gym after checking out what crossfit is all about. It’s funny because, until you try it, you won’t really understand why everyone is so passionate about it. Had I not known everyone that previously posted I would have thought I was part of a cult or something! I have never been a part of a fitness program (besides sports) that I have actually stuck to. I’ve made new friends, changed the way I eat, look, and am a lot stronger than I was a year ago when I started. One of my favorite things about Crossfit Vero Beach is everytime I walk in the gym, I feel like family. You can’t get that kind of comradery anywhere else. I thought I was an athlete and in good shape until I started Crossfit. It was a wake up call! It’s also humbling when a woman almost 30 years older than me can do a better set of push ups. <-----Sundra. Just like my post below, anyone can do Crossfit. ๐Ÿ™‚ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRBLmogRL4c

  13. CFVB is a first rate strength and conditioning facility. The culture that has been created there by Rob, Wendy, the coaching staff and members is one that fosters camaraderie, competition, and endless care for the people around you. In the time that I trained there, I learned a great deal about how to run a gym, and foster a community. I’m proud to call you not just colleagues, but friends.
    Use of the digital barricade that is internet anonymity says a great deal more about the commentor than it does about anything else.
    CFVB is legit.

  14. The Doodle

    I had Patellofemoral pain in my knees from my college triathlon team leaving me only able to run 1-2 miles before my knees would litteraly not let me walk anymore. After doing crossfit for two years I was able to accomplish one of my lifetime goals of running a Marathon and also be able to clean 245 lbs. I feel fitter and my knees are stronger than ever. So whether you are looking just to releive your pain or get them in shape for a half-iron man, crossfit will help you accopmplish that. I owe everything to VBCF.
    I know it can be a little daunting walking in because some people are very dramatic in their workouts so you see people screaming, throwing weights, or on the ground exhausted…but its only becuase they are pushing themselves to the next level. Everyone starts at square one and works from there on. I would give it one more shot.
    p.s. thank you for your dance “the bernie”…

  15. Captain Happy

    I’m offended. Don and I were left out of last nights dynamic……….Our intense competition in the new wing sucked all the air out of the building therein creating a nice crossbreeze on a wonderful April evening.

  16. don

    Bernie, we didn’t get a chance to meet but I would like you to reconcider crossfit. When I joined at 60 , had never been an athlete only wanted to be fit as i could be. Man, it was hard! The people there were encourageing and always made me feel like I should keep trying. It has been the most rewarding decition I have made, I scale a lot of the workouts to my ability and listen to Rob and Wendy when I need help or need guidance on a wod. This is the only place I have ever seen that gives each member the intruction and personal touch that motivates each of us to do better. Wendy is constantly talking about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to improve my well being. CFVB is one of a kind because of the people here at this gym. If you really want to make changes to your life and health in the shortest amount of time, give us another shot. If you want easy – well ,good luck. Let me know how it works out in a year from now. The important thing is exercise, it takes intensity, we all know walking on a tread mill doesn’t cut it. Thanks for listening, hope you find the right path to get you where you want to be.

  17. Captain Happy

    We’re not a couple. Don cheats as he did 14 box jumps when 15 are required beating me by four seconds………..I simply can’t be with someone like that. Damn fine employee though, good for the bottom line.

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