April 20, 2011


April 20, 2011

Oh Sugar!

More and more data is proving how harmful sugar is. It makes you fat and it makes you sick! I'd like to share a few bits of information.

First, is an article by Gary Taubes that was published in the NY Times, Is Sugar Toxic?

Second, is the video below. It's long and at times science-y, but if you can spare the time, it's eye-opening. In a nutshell, it explains how sugar is essentially a toxic poison. Low fat/high sugar diets lead to obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Our Western diet is a mess and the cause of much of our health problems. I would love all of you to watch it, especially if you have kids.  

Workout of the Day:

Front squat max reps 225/155
rest as needed
Front squat max reps 185/120
rest as needed
Front squat max reps 155/105

3 rounds
10 GHD sit-ups
10 toes to bar

8 Responses

  1. Captain Happy

    Wendy, you get an “A” for effort. Unfortunately, I had to dive into the archives and bring up Don’s singlet picture to bring me out of this coma.

  2. Margaret W. (aka: evidently a biochem geek)

    ok wendy, it took me a while to watch this video and I finally did. It is incredible. I hope all the med schools are teaching this info. will def repost it in hopes that more people will read it. I would suggest to fast forward through the biochem unless you are a total biochem geek or just have to see the proof. thank you for sharing.