April 2, 2018

2 Rounds of:
:30 Air bike
5 External Obliques opener variation: leg raises
5 Russian Kettlebell swings
5 Goblet squat @ tempo 3 sec down

You can start on any of the three circuits shown below. Complete all three sets before moving to another circuit. Rest no more than 2 minutes between sets.

Circuit 1 –
3 sets of:
10 Sandbag squats (heavy as possible)
100ft Reverse sled drag

Circuit 2 –
3 sets of:
100ft Rope pull
8 Strict pull-ups, supinated grip (sub: supinated grip bar rows)
5 each side dumbbell single arm or landmine rows

Circuit 3 –
3 sets of:
100ft Sandbag carry
100ft Farmers carry

April Anniversaries

Happy Gym-versarry to:

Seven Years 
Patti Radford

Six Years
Dolf Kahle
Matt Bona
Rana Khan
Hank Wolff

Five Years 
Jill Wheeler
LJ Morrison

Four Years 
Lukas Bagby
Nicole Schneeberg (she’s back!)

Three Years 
Jeremy Odom

Two Years 
Dave Martin
Brian Mooney

One Year 
Emmalee Bragg
Sarah Schiffeleers



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