April 18, 2016

CharityWOD – The Workout!

We decided to release the CharityWOD workout so that you guys can strategize and sign up. Post any questions to comments. Note that each team will have judges and be expected to perform the movement standards correctly.

DEADLINE to sign up is this Saturday, May 23. We have nearly 30 teams so far! (I have one scaled female looking for

a partner, so please email me if you need one.)

For those of you who have signed up, make sure to designate your division and submit your team name.

– Teams will consist of two athletes: one male and one female
– Both partners work at the same time at a station. If one partner completes one of the two elements at a station, they can switch back and forth on the remaining movement until the work at that station is complete.
– A team member cannot move to the next station until all work at the present station is complete.

For time:
Station 1:
150 wall balls Rx: 20/14; Masters: 20/10; scaled: 100 wall balls 14/6
100 calories on Assault Bike (scaled: 75 calories)

Station 2:
75 shoulder-to-overhead Rx: 135/95; Masters 115.75; scaled 50 shoulder-to-overhead 75/55
2000 m row (scaled: 1300 m row)

Station 3:
50 burpee box jumps Rx: 24″; Masters 20″; scaled 35 reps to 16″ box
100 calories – ski erg (scaled: 75 calories)

nanda clean

Workout of the Day
Every minute for 16 minutes
Even- 5 deadlift RX+ 315/205; RX 255/185; M55+205/135
Odd- 5 strict handstand push-ups

3 sets:
25 m sled row 140/90 (video below)
30-ft barbell/yoke carry
10 bench press

:30 banded hamstring stretch
:30 pigeon
1:00 frog stretch

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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