April 15, 2011


April 15, 2011

Focused on PRs

You can definitely say that we're focused on PRs. We wouldn't be doing our jobs if you just came in and did WODs and never tried to get stronger or learn a new skill. Here are just a few recent PRs and accomplishments at CFVB:

Sandy – rope climb
Betsy – kipping pull-ups
Will – muscle-up, power snatch 145#, plus he's Rxing pretty much everything
David, Chris and Frankie – strict muscle-up
Tom – handstand
Cameron – muscle-up
Ursula – double-unders
Sundra & Diane – Rxing Open WOD #3
Tara – 100# snatch
John Y – muscle-ups

Congrats to everyone!

Open Competitors and judges, make sure to watch this video for the standards for WOD 4. It's a toughie!

Workout of the Day:

Three rounds for time
Run 800m
50 back extensions
50 sit-ups

Competitors – take a rest day

6 Responses

  1. Will

    Thanks for the shout out Wendy. Everyone at Crossfit is like my extended family. I watched Dan do an awesome job on the open WOD today. Crossfit has definetly become a way of life. Thank you to everyone. It’s impossible to thank one person because everyone is willing to help or motivate. But I must say rob an Wendy, thank you guys so much for all that you have done to help me get to where I am today. It may sound crazy, but thank you for the opportunity to be apart of such a wonderful gym. That has EXPANDED. AWESOME!!! Bring on the beatings.

  2. Will

    I can’t believe I didn’t mention the awesome athletes from CFVB killing the open WOD’s. All of you are doing awesome and showing the world what amazing athletes CFVB has. Good luck to everyone competing in the open.

  3. Debbie Deb

    Should also mention that Lucy, Jen, Greg, and Sundra have all been really working hard on their DUs…and are starting to do them in the WODs. Awesome! Though I don’t really want Greg to get good at them ’cause I will never beat him at anything then.

  4. Susan & Charlie Clendening

    Congrats to everyone above for all of their accomplishments! Will, I see your Rx’s when I am in there you are doing great!