April 14, 2018

2 Rounds –
:30 Bike erg
:30 Row
:30 Ski
5 Beat swings
5 Toes to bar
5 Front squats (empty bar, light weight)

2 Rounds of:
21 Calories row
21 Toes to bar
21 Front squats RX 135/95; Intermediate 115/75; Master55+ 105/65

4 Rounds of:
15 Calories bike erg
15 Toes to bar
15 Front squats RX 155/105; Intermediate 135/85; Master55+ 115/75

6 Rounds of:
9 Calories ski erg
9 Toes to bar
9 Front squats RX 185/125; Intermediate 155/105; Master55+ 135/85
Relay style each person does a round; partner can load your bar each set

See You Tonight!

Let’s give Liz, Johnny and Stephanie and proper send-off. Liz and Johnny officially move into their new digs in Jacksonville next weekend; Stephanie is with us through the end of the month before heading into the Army to practice law. We will miss them all!

Bungalow Bar, 7 PM…be there! Everyone in our party gets 25% off their bar tab, so make sure you mention that to your bartender.

PS: can the person who left a note on my desk Thursday to charge them for a bag of protein please email me? (you didn’t leave your name) Thank you.


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