April 12, 2011


April 12, 2011

Free WOD

Since each Saturday this month is dedicated to the Open competition, we are moving the monthly free WOD to this Thursday. Your friends and family are invited to join you for a WOD at any class time. We will have you go through the basic CrossFit warm-up with them, then we will go over movement standards, etc.


 And the opposite of CrossFit is this guy…

Workout of the Day:

Power Snatch 1-1-1-1-1


For time:
Deadlift 225/155
Overhead squat 135/95 

9 Responses

  1. Captain Happy

    Ouch!!!…Before I pass judgement, I need a dialect breakdown on Rob’s “Hey how ya doin?” How bout a high school picture? Rob’s going to have to bring some chains out of the box.

  2. K2

    The only thing that could have topped off that video is if he dropped the weights and they went through the porch.

  3. Frickin' Baby

    Too frickin’ funny!! If I was his neighbor, I’d be calling 911….”I think someone is being murdered next door!”