April 10, 2017

7 sets of the following Complex:
1 Power Position Power Snatch + 1 Mid-hang (directly above knee) Power Snatch + 1 Low Hang (below knee) Power Snatch
** Start light and focus on technique. Add weight throughout sets as technique allows

3 sets of:
4 Snatch Grip Lift off @90% of 1 rep max
Demo video:

3 sets of:
15 unbroken Pull-ups (use appropriate band to go unbroken)
12 unbroken Push-ups
9 Dumbbell Z-press

3 sets of:
10 Calories on Ski Erg
20 ABMAT Sit-ups


Changes to the Sweat Class

We are sad to say that Rachel has taken a position at a fitness facility in Kentucky and is moving away.
But…the good news is that we’ve found a great trainer to take over

the class! Jill Wheeler will be leading Sweat starting immediately. She has decades of experience and many of you may have taken a class from

her in the past or know her from her gymnastics coaching.

With the news of Jill running the program, there has been interest from CrossFitters wanting to take it now and then. We are offering a drop-in rate of $10 for all current members whenever you’d like to take Sweat (just write your name on the retail sheet and we will charge the card on file).
As a reminder, Sweat is Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 AM. It’s a

great full-body program void of barbells and technical lifts/movements. I

took the class last week and wore my heart rate monitor. I was in the aerobic zone the entire time and burned 600 calories – good stuff!

Tell all your friends who would be interested.


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