April 1, 2015


April 1, 2015

Our Open Recap 

The 2015 Open was a great event! With the introduction of the scaled division, more people were comfortable in signing up and it became possible to make the Rx workouts more challenging than ever. We liked this new direction a lot. The new Teen division was a cool addition as well. We had our largest group ever – 67 of you – compete. It just keeps getting better each year!

There are many emotions to describe how we feel about the Open performances at CrossFit Vero Beach – awe-struck, proud and inspired are just a few. We had a wide range of athletes accept the challenge, from firebreathers who had done the Open before to newbies who just started CrossFit and decided to give it a go. We had teens and masters and everyone in between. We saw clean & jerk PRs, first muscle-ups and first Rx handstand push-ups. Everyone conducted themselves as true athletes with positive attitudes, great sportsmanship and unwavering support of their fellow CrossFitters.

Rob and I were happy with the great judging from our coaches, and especially thankful to Mikaela and Greg who were there for pretty much any session to make sure people were able to be scored.

We were impressed to see all 67 of you take the Open very seriously, eating right, mobilizing, resting, and strategizing each week. I think Rob’s programming and the extra work you all put in prepared you very well to exceed your expectations. At the end of the five weeks, CrossFit Vero Beach ranked 44th in the Region! That’s a top 12% finish – our best ever!

Although the Open is a worldwide competition, it really serves to bond the community within our gym for competitors and non-competitors alike. For many of you, this will spark you to continue competing. Others will look forward to the 2016 Open. More will be inspired to join in next year. Whatever your path, we are proud to call you the athletes of CrossFit Vero Beach.



Workout of the Day
5 x 3 Deadlift
Work up to a heavy triple, take your time warming up. 

Three sets, each for time of:
100 m sled drag 90/50
50 double-unders
– rest 3 minutes between efforts

3 sets of
3 ice cream makers on bar (see demo video below)
5 toes-to-bar
15 Abmat sit-ups