April 1, 2011


April 1, 2011

Keep your kids active

When young kids come into the gym, they immediately swing on rings, climb the ropes and do pull-ups. We are all born with a perfect squat, lots of upper body strength and the desire to "play." So, what happens as we grow up?

Many times, the video game unit is used as a baby sitter. Technology takes the place of outdoor fun. We become more sedentary, working a desk job and spending our nights watching television. Then, as de-conditioned adults we wish we had the flexibility, strength and "no fear" attitude we had as kids.

The lesson? Inspire your kids to play a sport and make exercise a lifelong habit. And do it with them.

Workout of the Day:

Row intervals: 10 x 250 meters – ALL OUT EFFORTS!
rest period between intervals = as long as it takes you to row each interval (partner up and take turns)