Another Ridiculous Fitness Product


Another Ridiculous Fitness Product

This is great! And check out the “personal trainer” in the video…someone feed that woman a steak!

Workout of the Day
Four rounds for time of:
100 ft Walking lunge carrying dumbbells (30#/20#)
30 box jump – 24″
20 Weighted pull-ups (30#/20#)

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  1. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    All right this video is hysterical. I think a man developed this, I don’t mean for my mind to be in the gutter ,but this cracks me up! Skinny models with more body fat then muscle doing the advertising. Lifting heavy weight will give you bulky muscles? Enough said!
    Sari we missed you this morning, we had your name on the board. It felt good to sweat and get the blood flow going this morning even though I had to modify. Our 5 am class is big again and a lot of fun. I am going to attempt the Fresh Market today, hopefully it has slowed down some.

  2. kristi

    This WOD was no joke!!!! It was a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be. I didn’t think the extra weight on the walking lunges would matter that much but by round 3 holy smokes. Throw in all those box jumps and some pull ups and all I can say is WOW!
    Great job to everyone this morning for pushing through it. Diane, you killed those pull ups and those rips and tears were totally worth it because you are a bad mammer jammer!

  3. This was a good one! Very heavy. I didn’t feel like lying on the floor afterwards, but it was a heavy push for sure.
    Food log from Tuesday –
    – leftover beef for breakfast, apple, walnuts
    – turkey over salad with walnuts, blueberries
    – beef jerky, nuts

  4. SaRi

    I slept in this morning, just could not get out of bed. I knew what the workout was going to be and because my of my knee (walking lunges, box jumps) I decided to row instead. But in the morning I was so sleepy…

  5. Diane Blais

    Dang, a work out in just 6 minutes, then why am I killing myself with 12 minutes???lol. I don’t know how or why they come up with this stupid stuff, but alot of people will fall for it. I agree she needs to eat a steak.
    I have been screaming all morning, every time I put my hands in water, I ripped them pretty good this time, BUT, I did all 80 of the pull ups. yea!!Thanks Kristi for my new name. That was tough, box jumps two days in a row. Way to go everybody.

  6. Mrs. Kanuckles

    Alex is buying me the shake weight for Christmas… He said something about watching me use it… Whatever floats your boat I guess….

  7. Shelli

    My first time at Crossfit was this morning. That was GREAT! I was truly beat after bikram yoga tonight though. I should sleep like a baby with both of those thrown in the mix.